How-To Block Globe’s Mobile Internet

On 2015-05-19 Globe Telecom sent a message alert that it is no longer needed to set our mobile phones to a certain setting to connect to their mobile Internet, beginning on 2015-05-20. Yes, an alert only a day before the big change, and not everyone received it.

The message is simple and I quote:

Hi! Starting May 20, you’ll be able to use mobile internet without manually configuring your phone’s internet settings, giving you a hassle-free surfing experience. To avoid unexpected charges, turn on SurfAlert. This FREE service will put browsing on hold when your device tries to connect online and you’re not registered to a surf promo. For info, dial *143# > MyAccount > Mobile Internet usage. You can also turn off your cellular data in your phone settings. Thank you!

If you did not receive it, or your phone doesn’t have USSD support, then follow the steps below to activate this free-of-charge service.

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What is Slipstream technology?

If you are a Sci-Fi fanatic, you no doubt heard about slipstream and how this is the “fastest” known travel method in the panverse (a.k.a. omniverse). You probably heard from Star Trek: Voyager or maybe you are playing the MMORPG Star Trek Online, which also features slipstream technology.

Or perhaps, you thought that the it was first imagined in another of Gene Roddenberry’s creation, Andromeda, where slipstream is the core and backbone of the storyline – without such, there won’t be a story to tell. The same can be said in Halo series where slipstream travel is an integral part of the plot.


But what exactly is slipstream anyway? Did you know that slipstream isn’t exactly “faster-than-light”? If in normal space, space-time is inseparable, inside slipstream, time is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is the technology of the ship to traverse slipstream successfully, otherwise, it will exit anywhere in the panverse (and in any time).

This is because slipstream is based on quantum mechanics and on string theory we know today. Here’s a good excerpt from the Andromeda Director’s Bible about slipstream technology, though fiction, but in some ways or another sheds some light on this, in my opinion, not-so-farfetched mode of travel.

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myphone Year-End New Phones Comparison

MyPhone-logo.png Christmas is already here and no doubt many are looking forward in buying a new phone for themselves or their love ones. my|phone is currently the top choice by many Filipinos for entry-level to mid-range local brand Android phones.

For example, later today, myphone will release their latest model, Agua Iceberg Mini. The question many are asking for is if it is worth it compared to its big brother, the Agua Iceberg, not only prince but in features as well.

What if I tell you that the price of Iceberg Mini is ₱12,888 and compare that to big brother Iceberg which is ₱11,988 wouldn’t you think twice? I did, and to help me see the big picture, I created a comparison table of their latest offerings: Iceberg, Iceberg Mini, Vortex, A919i, and A919 3D. Decide for yourself which one you’re going to buy before the year ends.

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