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New EDSA Bus Segregation Scheme On December 18, 2012

The Metro Manila Development Authority or MMDA were installing colour coded bus stops along EDSA for the past two to three weeks, including changing signboards and lane assignments.

I commute via bus in the morning and via the Yellow Line (formerly known as Blue Line/MRT-3) in the evening. I started to notice the changes being implemented during the times that I took the bus in the evening and that was when I realized that a new bus stop scheme will be implemented soon along EDSA.

That day has arrived and it will be tomorrow, Tuesday, December 18, 2012. And you should definitely know which bus stops at which bus stop or you will just waste your time or worse get angry at the bus drivers.

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Philippines Railroad Network Updates

A few days ago, I saw a paper covering the semi-working wall clocks in Line-3’s North Avenue and Quezon Avenue stations with these words: “MRT-3 Yellow Line”. Suddenly it made sense why all of the stations were recolored to Yellow.

They are color-rebranding the train lines to reflect the new color scheme of the train lines in Mega Manila. For what purpose, I have no idea (color meaning perhaps?)

Here are the changes and other plans for Mega Manila’s railroad network…

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5 Solutions to MRT-3 Rush Hour Sardines-Packed Trains

Update 23 July 2012: The color-scheme and official name were changed for all three lines. What was formerly known as Blue Line, which was formerly known as MRT-3 or Metrostar Express, is now known officially as Yellow Line.

What was formerly known as Yellow Line, which was formerly known as LRT-1 or Metrorail, is now known officially as Green Line.

See this post for more information.

Dear President Noynoy Aquino and Vice-President Jojo Binay, as the new President and Vice-President of the Republic of the Philippines respectively, I, JC John Sese Cuneta, on behalf of the other patrons of the Blue Line railway system (formerly MRT-3) am submitting to you ideas on how to ease the worst-than-sardines-packed rush hour problem plaguing the Blue Line.

Here is the current situation:

Rush hour. You ride the Blue Line railway system (formerly known as MRT-3). You are at the North bound platform, second station. The platform is jam-packed already. It is 5:00 in the afternoon, the sky is still bright.

The train arrives, as we Filipinos call it, it is sardines-packed. You failed to board the first train. The second train arrives, sardines-packed again. Fail. The third, the fourth, and by this time everyone on the platform are pushing everybody out of the way just to board an already sardines-packed train.

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