The Demigod Files Timeline

Looking for the dates when the events in The Demigod Files occured? Your search is over! On this post, I will show you when the short stories–Percy Jackson and the Stolen Chariot, Percy Jackson and the Bronze Dragon, Percy Jackson and the Sword of Hades–fits in our combined timeline.

Of course, if you have already seen our combined timeline, then you already know the dates. You can read on and decide for yourself if you agree with my key points.

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The Demigod Diaries Timeline

The Demigod Diaries was a collection of three short stories by Rick Riordan, and one from his son Haley Riordan. Once again, I attempted to pinpoint a specific date when these adventures happened.

If you have read the combined timeline, then you already know where the stories fit. But still, read on, as I admit, I reached a dead-end in one of the story. I can not even think of a fool-proof in-world/in-character explanation.

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The Son of Sobek Timeline

The Son of Sobek was a short story by Rick Riordan where Percy Jackson and Carter Kane first met and interacted. Fans of Rick have been figuring out when this incident happened but to date, I have not seen any plausible theory.

Since I have a combined timeline already set, which I believe is accurate, we can use that to pinpoint the date or range of months this short story occured. Here are my arguments…

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