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Lessons from Super Typhoon Yolanda

Super typhoon Yolanda, with an international name of Haiyan, was the 4th strongest tropical cyclone in the world since 1960. It was also the strongest that made a landfall in Earth’s history. It was unexpected, no one was prepared for it, not even the typhoon-experienced Philippines.

The aftermath was equally worse. The National government was “paralyzed”, “shocked”, and in “chaos”. No, they would not admit it — for obvious reasons — but anyone can that it is the case. What went wrong? How do we move forward from this disaster? Where should we go next?

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The ASEAN Way After 46 Years

Forty-six years ago today, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand signed the ASEAN Declaration (aka Bangkok Declaration) officially forming the Association of South-East Asian Nations or ASEAN. Almost two decades later, Brunei joined in 1984. Followed by VietNam in 1995, Laos in 1997, Myanmar in 1997 and Cambodia in 1999.


ASEAN Regional Flag

Did you know that without the formation of ASEAN, the region would have plunge into war? ASEAN was the key in keeping the region intact, even to this day.

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Asean City

Today marks the 42nd Asean Day a non-Holiday for a region struggling to get recognized by its own peoples. I said it before, time and again, to make August 8th a special non-working Holiday so that people will talk about it – increase awareness.

If people are working, their minds are set on their jobs. But if they don’t have work, or they’ll receive premium or double pay, they will ask about “the Holiday”. What is it about? Why August 8th? Where are we now? Is it really working?

I can’t help but think that this Asean Day is just another regular day because they do not want the Asean peoples to be aware of it, once we the public are, then questions like “Is it effective?” and “Are they really doing their jobs?” and “Do our country need Asean?” will be asked. Are there things to hide from the Asean people?

Let’s leave it at that, for today we are going to take a tour… so let’s go to Asean City.

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