Filipinos in Pitch Perfect 2

Pitch Perfect 2 is a sequel to the hit comedy and a capella film Pitch Perfect. The Barden Bellas, a three-time champion, are now seniors. Just like any other graduating kid, we go through that phase of worrying about the real world of tomorrow and trying to keep our fun-filled school days alive.

This led the ladies to one disaster performance to another. Their harmony and voice just gone. They were everywhere and nowhere. Would they be able to recover and save the reputation of the Barden Bellas, or will they be the generation that will taint the name of the group, for the first time in its history?

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CSI: Cyber Game Ranking

CSI: Cyber is the latest series in the CSI franchise, which revolves around crimes committed with use of computers and the Internet.

In this week’s episode, the story was about solving who was responsible to the death of a 15-year old kid who loves to play games with his console. One scene showed the kid’s most played games, and Zombie Studios‘s BlackLight: Retribution was his number one favorite.

Here’s the rest of the games.

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[Images] Manila in Pacific Rim

When we watched the film Pacific Rim I’ve always wanted to take a still shot of the scenes that were supposedly Manila, Philippines. The scenes were few and fast, only used as a history about the Kaiju attacks.

Finally, I was able to, and here is what Manila looked like after we were attacked by a Kaiju sometime between 2015 and 2017.

Supposedly Manila, Philippines sometime 2015-2017
Supposedly Manila, Philippines sometime 2015-2017

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Rick Riordan’s Mythology Timeline of Events

A shared universe will always be the best way to tell a story. It ties together different series even if they will never cross their paths, or at least there never was a plan. It makes the reader’s imagination soar like an eagle wanting to see the bigger picture and understand how it all interconnects.

But the challenge in this is keeping track of the events in each story. There will always be inconsistencies. It’s unavoidable. Still, it needs to make sense, right? As a fan of Rick Riordan‘s Mythology, I went to work to create a timeline of events.

Here’s the result of that work.

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