Swordsman Closed Beta Giveaway


Perfect World Entertainment together with gameshogun, is giving away Closed Beta keys for the highly anticipated game, Swordsman!

These CB keys will not only give you guaranteed access to the on-going CBT but you will also receive special promotional items once the game enters Open Beta. However, you must play the game and help PWE test Swordsman before it goes live, simply redeeming your key is not enough.

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Edge of Tomorrow Time-Travel Explained

Have you seen the film Edge of Tomorrow starring Tom Cruise as “Major William Cage” and Emily Blunt as “Rita Vrataski”. Well, action scenes aside, this film touched on what we, in Science Fiction call, temporal mechanics. Yes, time-travel.

But before I go on, a fair warning, this post contain spoilers. If reading/hearing of spoilers kills your appetite in watching films, then bookmark this post and come back later. But don’t worry, I am only going to discuss the time factor in this film, because I’m sure you were confused.

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5 Popular Filipino Celebrities in Canada and the US

You ask why we give our Ships’
Computers normal Emotions? Do you really want a Warship
Incapable of Loyalty? Or of Love?

The Unshattered Allegiance,
High Guard Frigate
Artificial Intelligence Rights Activist,
C.Y. 7309

Here in the Philippines, Filipinos love to watch Western films and TV shows. Many are not just fans of a franchise or a series but of the actors and actresses as well. Did you know that there are many Filipinos in these films and TV series that we regularly watch?

Here are my first five picks most of you probably did not know have Filipino blood in them.

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