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How-To Embed Baybayin On Your Website or Blog

These past few months, there was a surge in awareness of the Baybayin (not Alibata) writing script among the Filipinos. As Baybayin enthusiasts learn how to read it, the need to type it directly from our keyboard grew. The Baybayin Keyboard Layout was released as part of the Ubuntu PhilippinesPhilippines National Keyboard Layout project (which is available in both GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows).

The PNKL project allowed many Filipinos to type Baybayin without using any “online typepad” like the Snoworld Baybayin Typepad 01. But other than this, there is also a need to embed Baybayin on websites and blogs, and I’ve been asked about it a lot of times. In response, here is a detailed how-to guide on how you can display Baybayin correctly on your websites.

So go get a cup of coffee, tea, or chocolate. Prepare yourself, your mind. Get ready to learn a lot of new stuff.

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Testing Internet Explorer 9 Beta 1

Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft‘s attempt to make their browser relevant once again and stop the declining shares of IE in the market. For web developers, it is a wish come true. A wish that Microsoft will (once again) take web standards seriously.

And they are giving us more than what a lot of us are expecting from them – an HTML5 and CSS3 browser.

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