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The LANG Attribute

Tsunami Warning Sign In my previous post I talked about Baybayin – the Forgotten Pre-Hispanic Writing of the Filipino .  It was added in version 5.0 of the Unicode Standard together with Buhid, Hanunoo, and Tagbanwa under the “Philippine Scripts” group.  But how should we properly write or mark our content written in another language and script?

For this post, I will talk about how to correctly declare the language of your content, this way you are being friendly with translation software and helper applications, and other technologies that rely on this often taken-for-granted HTML attribute.  As is shown in our image, everyone can see the writing script used, but in the digital world there are people who do not have the fonts you are using.  There are also people who do not use the same browser as you and me use – it could be a text-only browser, a speech browser, or a Braille browser.

It is then only appropriate that we properly and correctly tag our content with the language and script we are using.  Get ready to use the LANG attribute a lot.

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