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Why I’m Still Not Ditching My AIM/AOL Messenger Account

Back in 2nd quarter of 2011 Google and AOL rolled-out their Google Talk and AIM interoperability feature. Meaning, users can add and communicate to users of the other network, similar to what then “MSN Messenger” (now “WLM“) and Yahoo! Messenger did years back.

It was great news in the Instant Messenger (“IM”) world. Interoperability between separate networks is a must have today, especially when it comes to doing business globally. Imagine one IM account that can communicate with other IM networks, bliss right?


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How-To Follow A Google Plus Activated PicasaWeb User

PicasaWeb.jpg If you are a PicasaWeb user, you probably noticed that you can not follow any PicasaWeb user whose accounts are Google+ activated. The reason simply is that viewing the public gallery of a Google Plus activated account redirects you to the new “Google+ Photos” web viewer.

Playing around with it, I found a very simple work-around…

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Google+ for Google Apps Is Not XMPP Friendly

If you are a Google Apps user or administrator, you can now turn-on the Google+ service on your domain. This feature was launched today and it has been one of the awaited service of GApps users.

However, Google+ for GApps is NOT XMPP/Jabber friendly. G+ for GApps requires that you turn-on Google XMPP Chat for your domain. So if like me and my clients, you either run your own XMPP network or is using another service like Hosted.im, you are out-of-luck.

Check these images and save yourself the trouble…

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Google Apps XMPP Chat Bug

Update 2011-12-05: After a few weeks of testing since it was first reported that the bug has been fixed, I can finally say with confidence that it is indeed fixed. Special thanks goes to ProcessOne (the ejabberd guys) for getting the attention of Google through their blog post: Migrating from Google Apps to hosted.IM.

Getting support from some Google services like Google Apps and Google XMPP is close to impossibility. There are lot of reasons why a company like Google won’t be able to address your issues and as such I’ve given them time to do so. Weeks… weeks… of waiting but nothing.

So it is time to create a blog post about it and hopefully they will take notice and start addressing this “serious” bug with their Google Apps XMPP Chat. What is it? Even if you turn-off the GApps Chat feature, their server still retains your domain in their XMPP Chat network, because of it the server prevents you from connecting to the Google XMPP network.

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